I help translate your vision into buttery-smooth experiences that inspire action. Formerly a Software Developer.















Drag, and Interact!

Thought leaders

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Story tellers

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Big audiences

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Design Systems

There's no style over substance here. Create a cohesive experience that anyone can pick up, read, and apply. From website to socials, no one will be mistaken it's you.


UX Web Design

Not sure what your users want? Not sure who they even are? Clear up all the fog in terms of what to do's and how to do's with intensive UX-based research & strategy.


Brand Strategy

Fuss-free interactions, yet full of motion, breathing life into your projects while making it as accessible as possible, Design as it should be.


Web Development

Being able to build the designs I produce means I can bring your idea to life. It also means I don't design anything that can't technically be created.

Selected Case Studies

Simple & Transparent Pricing

€500 / month

This plan is suitable for those who want to make their own design/website and just need a direction to ensure accessibility and user experience.

Tailored Sitemaps
3 Revisions Per
Custom Wireframes
Figma/Sketch Ready Files
User Flows
1-2 Days Deliverables

€3,000 / month

Everything you want from a designer. Unlimited revisions and quick turnover, with monthly check-ins to make sure our visions for your brand are aligned.

Everything in Starter Kit
5GB Asset Allocation
Onboarding Discovery Call
Unlimited Revisions
Hi-Fi Prototypes
Unlimited Requests
Web Ready 3D Models
Visual BrandBook

€6,500 /initial month

From desirability to design to development to deployment. Get your website up and running as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

Everything in Web Design Package
Maintenance & Support
Web Development
Monthly Quality Assurance Checks
Deployment & Hosting
15GB Asset Allocation
3D Integration
Constant Updates & Features

I understand that solutions can get complicated quickly and not everything you need to succeed is packed in a nice package.

And at the end of the day it's not about a one-size-fits-all solution but rather about finding what fits you best.

Book a free Discovery call with me and I'll help you out on what needs to be helped out on.  

I prefer ongoing partnerships over one-project stands, and will discount initial project sprints for monogamous relationships. I'm also flexible with payment terms.

If you're a non-profit organization don't be afraid to reach out, we just might be able to cook something up together.

Let's level up your brand, together


How many deliverables will we get each month?

Varies on what we're working on! Usually you'll have a complete brand look, a robust website, or about 20 wireframes each month. Booking a call will allow me to give you a more accurate number!

How does the design subscription work?

There's no limit to the number of design tasks you can add to your queue. we'll handle them one at a time, following your priority list.

Once we're satisfied with a design, we'll send it for your review. Once finalized, we'll have our own internal users review and bug test the site to iron out the folds.

While that is happening we'll move on to the next item in your queue and repeat.

What if we need to cancel or pause?

No problem! I understand life may get in the way and disrupt our plans. I'll always be here to pick up right where we left off.

Can we see more of your work?

Sure thing! I can send you case studies on work I've completed for agencies before. Book a call with me and I can work you through all the cool stuff.

We are an agency. Can you design for us?

Of course! I love teaming up with agencies. Book a call, and we can figure out how I can be a solid fit and make your projects shine.

How fast will we get our designs?

I complete most requests in 2-3 business days, but complex or extensive projects may take longer. I'll provide estimated timelines for each task, keeping you informed along the way!

What are the deliverables you are capable of?

Sitemaps - Brand Stylebooks - Wireframes -
Dev-ready Prototypes -Landing/ Hero Page Designs - Full Functioning Websites. - Social Media Carousels - Flyers & Merchandise Design Concepts.

Welcome to the world as seen through the lens of Yoann Savigny, a Web Designer specializing in both 3D and UX Engineering, Yoann possesses an innate ability to encapsulate the brand's vision and translate them into memorable web experiences.
self portrait

Yoann Savigny

Currently Based in France
This online portfolio is an exploration into Yoann's unique work. A journey into leveraging the spaces we inhabit, the people we encounter, and the collective stories we share to provide unique solutions. I invite you to experience what it feels like to grow up in 9 countries and the unique lenses & thought processes each provide.